Conflict Management (Level 2)

HABC Level 2 Award in Conflict Management (QCF)

The HABC Level 2 Award in Conflict Management (QCF) is a regulated qualification designed to address the requirements of anyone who engages in a customer-facing role who deals with service users or the general public. The course curriculum is also relevant for anyone would like to achieve a better understanding of the prevention of conflict.

It is a generic qualification and can therefore be applied to learners working in a diverse range of business sectors, helping them gain the confidence they need to deal appropriately with conflict situations as they arise.

Benefits of the Qualification

The HABC Level 2 Award in Conflict Management (QCF) has been developed to include a thorough discussion of the ways to assess conflict and deal with it proactively, as well as informing the learner on relevant legislation and points of procedure. Subjects covered by the qualification include:

  • Legislation
  • Clear Communication
  • Proactive Service Delivery
  • Situation Assessment
  • Managing Unrealistic Expectations

Completion of the course will ensure that employees who are entered for the qualification are more confident in dealing with conflict situations and improved overall customer service levels.


Upon completion of the course the learner will be able to:

  • communicate to solve problems and reduce the potential for conflict
  • identify the factors that influence human responses in conflict situations
  • assess and reduce risks in conflict situations
  • communicate effectively and de-escalate conflict in emotive situations
  • use good practice after conflict situations


The HABC Level 2 Award in Conflict Management (QCF) has been accredited by the regulators in England and Wales (Ofqual and the Welsh Government) and is part of the Qualifications and Credit Framework. It is also supported by Skills for Security, the Sector Skills Body for the Security sector.